An All-Female Ghostbusters Cast: Twitter Explodes

An All-Female Ghostbusters Cast: Twitter Explodes

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Today the trailer dropped for the all new Ghostbusters film and (in case you haven’t heard,) it has four women in the lead roles.  We can only think of two female characters with names in the entire original Ghostbusters  — Janine, the secretary and Dana, the helpless lady who gets turned into a demonic sexpot and eventually a hellish dog-beast; not exactly empowering characters.

The new cast was very exciting news to a lot of people.

Some humans were against it, but they were shouted down by saner voices.

Other humans were all for it!

At least one was all for it only after people noticed that he didn’t seem excited enough at first.

Others were just clever and funny about it.

As for us, we agree with the always-fantastic Lindy West:

This story was originally published on January 29, 2015. It has been updated to reflect current events.

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