New TV Series ‘Twiz & Tuck’ Follows the Queer Road Trip of a Lifetime

New TV Series ‘Twiz & Tuck’ Follows the Queer Road Trip of a Lifetime

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Viceland — the cable TV network begun back in February 2016 by Vice, a company that had previously stuck to print and digital media — has in its one-year run done an amazing job of highlighting queer stories. The Ellen Page-fronted Gaycation, a series in which she and her gay best friend travel the world and highlight various countries’ treatment of the LGBTQ community, has shone a much-needed spotlight on international queer issues. Now Viceland is about to premiere yet another queer-focused series, Twiz & Tuck — a true-life tale of self-discovery and friendship told through the queer road trip of a lifetime.

The six-episode documentary series will premiere Monday, March 27. You can watch the trailer below.

The series sees its two protagonists, best friends — one of whom is gender-fluid, the other trans — embarking on a bachelor party road trip to all the places that had an impact on Tuck’s life. They go from his Iowa hometown to Arizona to Vegas, ending in San Francisco.

Twiz (left) and Tuck

Viceland couldn’t have found a more colorful duo of guys to highlight in this latest series.

Twiz is an artist and Brooklyn business owner with Tourette’s Syndrome with two master’s degrees.

Tuck is a self-proclaimed cheeseburger connoisseur and U.S. Army veteran, also living in Brooklyn, who is 10 years sober and currently writing a memoir about being trans and working in the porn industry. He’s engaged to his girlfriend Katie.

Watch the trailer for Twiz & Tuck below:


(Photos by Luther C. Redd for Viceland)

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