Woman Calls 911 To Report Two Men Kissing On Park Bench

Woman Calls 911 To Report Two Men Kissing On Park Bench

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ABC News’ What Would You Do? has caught our attention quite a few times in recent weeks with their exploration of gay acceptance through various set-ups. Last week Nick shared a piece from the program in which a waitress refused to serve gay parents, and you all had plenty to say about it.

Today, let’s take a peek at one of the show’s more effective pieces shot in Birmingham, Alabama in which a gay couple in a longterm relationship lovingly sit on a public bench…even after police arrive after a 911 call to tell them to stop kissing in public.

It’s very eerie to see a television piece cross over into national news after a 911 call becomes public record.

This cross between investigative journalism and reality television admittedly has my heart in my throat at times. It’s shocking that someone would be ignorant enough to report the two kissing men committing a crime. While we don’t like to see such ignorance on display, I suppose real change can only come about by making the world aware that nonsense like this still goes on in some places.

Do you think What Would You Do? is enlightening America or chasing headlines?

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