Flame On! Male Olympic Torchbearers Make Historic Kiss

Flame On! Male Olympic Torchbearers Make Historic Kiss

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It’s not clear who these men are or why they’re both carrying torches, but this image of two Olympic torchbearers kissing is about to burn up the internet! Maybe they’re old flames or simply carrying a torch for one another. All we know is that they’re in the gay-friendly neighborhood of Ipanema and they may be the first-ever photographed same-sex kiss during the passage of the Olympic flame — historic!

We should point out that the photo was taken Pedro Veríssimo, a video reporter and photographer. You can see more of his great work at his Twitter and Tumblr sites.

Another big first: it was the first time the Olympic torch was also carried by an openly transgender person, Laerte Coutinho (pictured below). Considering that there is only one openly transgender athlete competing at the Rio 2016 Olympic Summer Games (South Africa’s Caster Semenya), it’s a pretty big deal!

openly transgender Olympic torchbearer, Laerte Coutinho


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