‘Drag Race’ Winner Tyra Sanchez Falsely Announced Another Queen’s Death

‘Drag Race’ Winner Tyra Sanchez Falsely Announced Another Queen’s Death

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Tyra Sanchez, RuPaul’s Drag Race Winner season 2 winner, posted that another queen, Morgan McMichaels, had died. Immediately fans of the franchise began to share and comment about the tragedy — the problem being that Morgan McMichaels did not actually die.

Talk about “fake news.”

Here is the backstory: Tyra apparently decided to read Raven on social media, and the two were booked for a Morgan McMichaels birthday show in West Hollywood.

After McMichaels tried pulling out of her own show, the management decided to let go of Sanchez instead. Sanchez then went on social media and posted the above meme, claiming McMichaels had died, and including a link to a Soundcloud conversation between McMichaels and one of the bar’s managers.

McMichaels did a Facebook Live video explaining the whole mess:

“Tyra, you are welcome to come back into the fray when you grow the fuck up. I didn’t want to work with you because you’re poisonous, you’re vicious. And when you talk shit about Raven or anybody else on your social media because you want your base to live for you, to say, ‘You’re a bad bitch,’ that doesn’t make you a bad bitch. That makes you a sad bitch.”

Tatianna also got involved, texting Sanchez asking her to take down the post. Sanchez then posted their conversation on Facebook, which is strange because Tatianna didn’t really say anything inappropriate.

Why does Sanchez have so much bitterness towards Drag Race and the other queens? She won her season! I could maybe understand a loser trying to throwing others under the bus out of resentment and anger after losing. But she is one of the few queens took home the crown, and let’s be honest: she isn’t doing that a great of a job of upholding Mama Ru’s legacy.

What she needs to do is work on herself, work on her own brand, stop dragging other queens and for sure stop posting that other queens have died when in reality, they are very much alive and well.

Sanchez reportedly did take to social media to apologize for her actions but still refused to take down the offensive post.

“I apologize for posting the picture that Morgan McMichaels passed away,” Tyra Sanchez said. “I understand that was wrong, and I understand the magnitude of what I have caused to many of you, reading your comments.”

Morgan McMichaels should capitalize on the drama and host her own funeral with Raven and Raja. How fabulous would that be?

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