‘Drag Race’ Drama: Tyra Sanchez Goes on Racist, Violent Tirade Against Raja

‘Drag Race’ Drama: Tyra Sanchez Goes on Racist, Violent Tirade Against Raja

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In a heated Facebook post, Tyra Sanchez has lashed out at Raja after the Drag Race Season 3 winner responded to a video in which Sanchez “forgets” who Sasha Velour is during an interview. Calling her the monkey from Aladdin, “Abu,” and saying she “dreams of taking my scepter and knocking you across the face a few times,” Tyra’s post is dripping with both racism and violence.

Let’s break this latest kerfuffle down for you here. Following the above-mentioned on-camera interview (watch it here) — in which Sanchez was being interviewed along with fellow Drag Race contestant Jujubee — Raja linked to the video and commented with an eyeroll emoji.

Tyra then lashed out at Raja, calling her “Grandma” and asking fans to run to the bathroom when she performs.

Raja, however, remained calm and collected, responding on Facebook with the post below:

I emojied and eyerolled at [Tyra’s] silly comments about our reigning queen Sasha Velour, because I felt it looked silly and quite petty to forget the new winners name by happenstance and giggle thru a pretend mistake, then make a statement how she could use her talents more. That’s all. Name calling and an attempt at humiliating me ensued. I have no steak for anyone. And also, I am very proud of my accomplishments. I have no shame in my age or wisdom. In fact most of my fans enjoy me for authenticity. I am grateful for the abundance of love and gigs I get. I am 43, I look like a man, I am old, and I have never lived a more beautiful life. I have an audience I never anticipated and all I want to do is keep their interest and flow in my own creativity.

Tyra Sanchez forgive me. I am sorry. I’m sorry you took it so deep. Lets just enjoy RuPaul’s DragCon in NY. The first one ever!! Lets chat in person and figure out what we can do to lessen your angers. Lets smoke a blunt honey, we’ve always loved that, as friends. It wouldn’t be the first time.

I’ve learned my lesson. Don’t fuck with Tyra Sanchez…you’ve made the message loud and clear. I won’t mess with you, the queen “who crowned me”. Lets have fun girl. We’re cross dressers with people who love us.

My tshirts, enamel pins, headshots and other merch available at me and Manila’s booth, this weekend at Dragcon. Come get it! Meet us and hug us!! We like our fans and don’t encourage suicide to an of them. Live life deep!!

But far from “forgiving” Raja, Tyra responded with a racist and violent tirade:

For the record Raja Gemini. I thought you were #unbothered? Are we still on this? You still in your feelings over this sis? Still begging for that exposure? Get your jush! No, I don’t encourage suicide, however, I don’t support the act either. When you’ve lived a different life than most you tend to have a different thickness of skin. Sometimes you may handle things differently. Sometimes you don’t look at life (or in this case death) the same as others. Don’t try to twist this.

No boo boo. They won’t be stopping by your booth. Your marketing skills fell flat. No we can’t smoke a blunt. We can’t chill. You’re a fraud and I don’t trust you Abu! Somebody find Aladdin and tell him to tell Jasmine to come tame this tiger! You lucky WOW saved you. There were 160 marbles headed down the runway. But you know what, you right. It’s just Drag. I’m not violent. I won’t put my hands on you. No need to be afraid or intimidated. Feel free to speak to me if you want. If you see me and I don’t speak that means I don’t fuck with you. I’m not being petty. Yes I can be cordial with those I have respect for, however, after several of your posts I have lost all respect for you. Amazing how you make a mistake, blame me for it, have your fans attack me, make another mistake, blame me for it again, have your fans attack me again and then once I drag you to where you belong you want to come and try and turn it on me once more?

You’re laughable. Deplorable. I dream of taking my scepter and knocking you across the face a few times, but I know it’d only add to your wrinkles. Now I respect my elders, so I do apologize for spilling the tea and ruvealing the truth about your boring shows and washed up drag appearance. I promise not to tell anyone else.

Lastly… a Queen who has an issue or sees an issue with another Queen would normally act like a Queen and make private contact with said Queen. Back in the day they used to send ravens to deliver a message and yet you have one with the biggest mouths plastic surgery could create always sitting next to you. I told the production crew not to edit out my mistake because I am human and because I want to show that side of me to my fans and because IT WAS HILARIOUS! Not only did I make that request, I contacted Sasha to let her know.

Tyra Sanchez later edited her original post to clarify that she’s not using the term “Abu” as a racist slur but as a reference to the film Aladdin, from which Sanchez claims Raja got her name.

“Reclaiming my time,” she writes. “For those of you saying my reference to Raja as Abu is racist can suck my left ball after tucking. Raja got her name from the movie Aladdin. Raja was the pet tiger. Abu was the pet monkey. This is not in reference to her race. Also Queen of Appropriation has no room to talk.”

Since posting the rant, Tyra Sanchez has changed her profile pic to one of “Abu” from Aladdin and continues to troll Raja by posting random photos and video. Fans seem to be over the drama, with the bulk of comments on Sanchez’s original Facebook post being in support of Raja.

It should be interesting to see what happens at DragCon NYC this weekend, where both queens will be present.

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