U.S. Hate Group Fights Marriage Equality in Taiwan

U.S. Hate Group Fights Marriage Equality in Taiwan

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Arthur Christopher Schapfer, head of MassResistance

MassResistance, a Massachusetts-based anti-LGBT organization deemed a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, is exporting its bigotry to Taiwan to fight the legalization of same-sex marriage.

The Taiwan Sentinel writes:

MassResistance’s point man in Taiwan is Arthur Christopher Schaper, head of the California branch of the organization, “who has been working tirelessly with Taiwanese activists, expatriates in the U.S., and others to get the word out.”

On December 24, the Chinese-language service of Taiwan’s state-run Central News Agency ran a piece exposing how MassResistance has been trying to “educate” the Taiwanese public on the supposedly nefarious impact of homosexual unions using Chinese-language translations of a video titled “What ‘gay marriage’ did to Massachusetts” (video below) as well as a booklet.

MassResistence has a long history of anti-LGBT bigotry in the United States. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, MassResistence has repeatedly tried to lump homosexuality and bisexuality in with bestiality and pedophilia.

MassResistence isn’t the only group of Western bigots trying to export their hate to Taiwan. There’s also the International House of Prayer, Agape Christian Church and the Wagner Institute, and this follows a larger general trend of American right-wing groups exporting homophobia internationally over the last decade. Way to show God’s love, guys!

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