Uganda ‘Kill the Gays Bill’ Returning To Parliament

Uganda ‘Kill the Gays Bill’ Returning To Parliament

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unicorn booty, gay blog, gay news, rolling stone, kill the gaysRemember the so-called Kill the Gays Bill being floated in Uganda? Well, it’s bouncing back to Parliament for debate when the Ugandan House resumes business next week.

The bill seeks to criminalize homosexual acts, and institute the death penalty for those who commit “aggravated homosexuality,” whatever the hell that is. Unsurprisingly, the bill has been denounced by nations across the globe, as it is a clear violation of human rights.

UGPulse reports:

Speaking to the media at Parliament today, the committee chairman, Stephen Tashobya said though the bill has created both local and international concern, it is up to Parliament to pass the bill.

Tashobya says the committee will hold public hearings where stakeholders’ views will be heard and a report made to the House for debate and possible passing before Parliament closes the 8th Parliament.

Ndorwa West MP and mover of the bill, David Bahati welcomed the development and said he would continue to lobby Ugandans to support the bill, whose intention is to protect the Ugandan traditional family and children.

Uganda was named The Worst Place To Be Gay in Scott Mills’ documentary of the same name. The acclaimed film is viewable in five parts in a previous Unicorn Booty post.

The good news is that we’re sure this bill is too crazy to be made into law. The bad news is that crazy no longer seems to be a reason not to make something a law. We’re looking at you, “Don’t Say Gay” Bill.

Are you upset that the “Kill the Gays” Bill is being considered once more? Will you be forced to cancel that summer vacation you were planning to Uganda?

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