UK Churches On Allowing Gay Marriage: “Make Us”

UK Churches On Allowing Gay Marriage: “Make Us”

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Yesterday we told you about a pending decision in England that will prevent churches and religious institutions from discriminating against same-sex couples any longer who wish to wed within their hallowed halls. Unlike in the United States, the Church of England is a state-run religion – the official religion of the country, to be exact – and is therefor not privy to the often quoted separation of church and state here in the U.S.

Long story short, the reasoning behind the move is that marriage equality has been law in the UK since 2003, and discriminating against LGBT citizens on the basis of their sexuality is illegal. Again, since the Church of England is run by the state, discrimination currently imposed upon gays and lesbians by the church is also technically illegal.

Many of you have argued that you would never wish to wed in a place that abhors you, and while we agree, this is the law in England. And it all makes perfect sense to us. Why should religion continue to be given special parameters for practicing homophobia? And for that matter, when did gays become so complacent in allowing Christianity to be co-opted by those who would use it against us? This new legislation in England seeks to take back Jesus from bigots who hate under the auspices of preaching the good word. Jesus loved. It’s the church that hates and judges.

As you can imagine, the Church of England is losing their shit over this new law. We’re talking full on faces turning beet red and then steam shooting out priests ears, and making that teapot whistle. Yeah, that kind of losing their shit.

This Is Lancanshire reports:

East Lancashire’s churches will not be used for ‘gay marriage’ ceremonies, the Bishop of Blackburn has said.

Bishop Nicholas, whose diocese covers the whole of East Lancashire, said it was not the government’s role to make the change.

He said: “I find it quite hard to understand why the government should think it can interfere with the teachings of the church.

“Church and state are not the same thing, and I am very surprise that without any consultation with the church the government is making such a sweeping statement.”

Bishop Nicholas’ views echo an official statement from the Church of England, which said it would not allow its churches to be used.

“As far as the church is concerned you can only have a marriage between a man and a woman.

I would not be able to give my consent to a church being used for a gay marriage.”

We’re predicting it’s going to take all of a week after the law goes into effect before a church refuses to allow a same-sex couple to wed, forcing the couple to sue the church. The church will lose, and the couple will walk away with millions. This will happen…oh…let’s say four times before the Church of England begins taking this new law seriously.

The jig is up, y’all. You’re not allowed to use religion as an excuse to preach hate any longer. At least in one part of the world.

What do you think about the new law, or the church’s sore loser attitude?

Via This Is Lancanshire

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