The UK’s First LGBT TV Channel Will Soon Be on the Air

The UK’s First LGBT TV Channel Will Soon Be on the Air

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The very gay city of Brighton, in the south of Britain, will host the UK’s first LGBT TV channel. Sophie Cook, a trans journalist, heads Latest LGBT + TV, which begins its programs in February. The channel will first broadcast for Greater Brighton and will also be available on the web.

Sophie Cook was the first woman trans to present, from last year, an information program on Latest. She is joined for Latest LGBT + TV by Andrew Key, presenter of the culinary program International Chef Exchange, who will interview guests and LGBT personalities.

Latest LGBT + TV is more like a program for LGBTs since the daily grid currently contains only one hour of programming, from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. During this period (rebroadcast after midnight), viewers will find documentaries, talk shows, films and reportages.

Few Examples of LGBT TV Channels in Europe

In Europe, there are very few other LGBT TV channels other than in France with PinkTV, which mainly broadcasts gay porn, and OUTtv in the Netherlands.

Cook explained, “I am delighted to be directing one of the most exciting developments in British television for decades! This is a real opportunity to change people’s lives and we want to entertain, educate and inspire our viewers.”

Key sees this as a chance to be openly gay in a public space, but is also glad to “contribute to a better and more egalitarian world. Working with the best television team will be exciting, challenging and fun and I hope that people—whether LGBT or not—will join us. ”

Bill Smith, CEO of Latest TV and nominated for the National Diversity Award, said about this LGBT TV channel, “We are delighted that our channel creates everyday LGBT programming. We will also provide a platform for all LGBT filmmakers to show their work. With the support of Coast to Capital, Latest TV has launched LGBT + TV, but we do not receive any permanent public funding, so we have turned to crowdfunding to fund this program. ”

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