Ukraine Slowly Makes Progress on Trans Rights Mental Health

Ukraine Slowly Makes Progress on Trans Rights

Written by Matt Keeley on November 07, 2017
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While normally in the Ukraine, if a trans person wants to legally change their gender, they have to undergo sterilization. However — two individuals were just allowed to change their gender on legal documents without having to be sterilized. Sadly, the laws are still on the books, but hopefully this will set a precedent! We’ve got that and more in our monthly look at trans issues around the world!

  • A newly published study in the Lancet is further fueling the push at the WHO to declassify ‘transgender identity’ as a mental disorder. The reclassification, due for approval in 2018, is contentious as different cultures and languages wrestle with the best way to serve the needs of transgender individuals. For some, classifying trans identity as an illness is beneficial—as in Japan, where a diagnosis is the only path to legal rights


  • A Ukraine court ruled to allow two transgender individuals to change gender in all legal documentation without undergoing sterilization. Although the ruling will not change existing regulations, advocates are hopeful that it may open the door for future petitioners. 


  • A High Court in Colombia ruled that a transgender student may wear the uniform matching their gender identity.


  • The US District Court of Texas issued a nationwide injunction allowing states to prevent trans students from using their chosen bathroom without repercussion from the federal government. US states continue to be split on the rights of individuals to use public bathrooms—18 states ban discrimination based on gender identity, 4 states restrict access, and another 18 states are considering legislation.


  • The National Security Minister of Malta announced that people will now be assigned to the Corradino Correctional Facility based on the gender on their identity cards, passports, or birth certificates—a move to protect trans, gender variant, and intersex prisoners. 


  • In Australia, trans teenagers must seek approval from the Family Court system before starting hormone treatment to match their identifying gender. Law professor Fiona Kelly of La Trobe University has published a new guide to help families navigate the complicated and expensive process.


  • In Istanbul, LGBT activist and trans woman named Hande Kader was raped and burned to death. Hundreds demonstrated in Taksim Square in her honor.


  • In Brazil, reports of anti-LGBT violence continue to soar and, according to Transgender Europe, the country has the highest rate of crimes targeting gender-diverse persons.


  • In Myanmar—where homosexuality remains criminalized—advocates are lobbying to include transgender women in the Prevention of Violence Against Women legislation. And in Montenegro group Queer Montenegro has formed a new organization ‘KvirA’ to support the specific needs of women in the community.

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