Icelandic Man Shares Heartbreaking Facebook Message After Violent Homophobic Attack

Icelandic Man Shares Heartbreaking Facebook Message After Violent Homophobic Attack

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Úlfar Viktor Björnsson, a gay man who lives in the city of Reykjavík in Iceland, shared a heartbreaking and powerful account on his Facebook detailing the violent homophobic he allegedly endured.

Translated from Icelandic, Björnsson wrote: “Last night I was on my way home on the walkway when an individual threw me and asked me if I’m gay. Of course I said yes, and then he crushed my face and took my belongings.”

 “I do not know this person anything and I have never seen him before. I do not know what happened to him until the evening or how bad he was. And I’m not really angry at him per se – but I am disgusted and frustrated,” he added.

“We think this doesn’t happen in 2018, and in Iceland,” he continued.

“We ignore this and think the debate is over. What’s most sad is that I’ve always expected this – and I’ve always known that it was time for me to receive that first hit. And the fact that I’m expecting this behavior reflects our society considerably.”

“We have stagnated enormously. We believe that there are no prejudices here because you are one of the world’s leading countries in the fight towards gender equality. Here, nothing must be broken,” he added.

“But the stone-cold fact is we are still still far away from eliminating these prejudices. We are still better to encounter all sorts of people who will be in our way. I could write a book based on all the annoying remarks that have been said to me and about me. This made me realize that it was important to share this,” he wrote.

His post has been shared almost 3,000 times since posting.

“I’m feeling very good today,” Úlfar Viktor Björnsson told GayIceland. “I’ve gotten such unbelievably positive response to my Facebook status and lots of people have shown me their support. I’m a bit overwhelmed by how quickly the word has spread so it has been a little difficult to take it all in, but on the whole I’m feeling good.”

“Let’s all try to do better and teach the next generation more tolerance. We always have to start with ourselves. But most of all I want to send heartfelt thanks to all the people who have supported me and sent me warm words and good wishes.”

Jæja – það kom þá að því að ég fékk fyrsta hnefann í andlitið fyrir það að vera ekki eins og almúginn er flestur. Ég hef…

Posted by Úlfar Viktor Björnsson on Sunday, January 7, 2018

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