10 Tips to Ensure Your Pride Party Is One for the History Books

10 Tips to Ensure Your Pride Party Is One for the History Books

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Whether you’re the cruise director of your clique, or just looking for an excuse to have a gay ol’ time with your nearest and dearest, the 2017 Pride season is a perfect opportunity to show off your hosting skills.

We asked the creators of party-planning app Feasty, Lane Janger and Jeremy Ronceros, to come up with 10 tips for throwing the ultimate Pride party — you know, the one that’ll come up in conversation every Pride season for years to come.

1. Create a signature drink!

Give it a fun, catchy name and serve it in a large carafe to celebrate Pride your way, your style.

2. Have a theme.

Whether it’s superheroes, The ’80s or “European Getaway,” themes are a fun way to get guests to interact and have a unique party experience.

3. Technology is your friend.

Use a party-planning app like Feasty to invite guests and collect RSVPs. Having a rough headcount can help keep you on budget and will reduce food waste.

4. Serve custom Pride baked goods.

You can start from scratch or just jazz-up some store-bought goodies with food coloring, sprinkles and edible glitter. (Yes, it’s a thing!) Make your bakes with Pride in mind.

5. Have a spotlight performance.

A fun way to bring people together is by having a performer come in to entertain your guests. It can be music, art, dance, whatever. It’s also helpful to make sure the majority of your guests are there at that time, especially if the group runs on Gay Standard Time.

6. Make sure the space has good flow.

Explore your space and don’t be afraid to move furniture. Maximize your party area to make sure guests can get around and socialize easily.

7. Make your Pride party one with a purpose.

What better way to celebrate Pride than to raise funds and create awareness for those who need our help? With an app like Feasty, you can raise funds for your favorite charity fundraiser or a personal cause. AIDS LifeCycle riders, rejoice!

8. Invite more than one “friend circle.”

So often we have friends that don’t mix. They are your game night friends, your bar friends, your sports friends. But sometimes mixing things up and giving them an opportunity to meet each other creates great conversation and a new energy to your party.

9. Make sure you have enough food and drink.

Too often parties end early because a host didn’t get enough to eat or drink. You can always request friends to help out by bringing something specific to fill in the demand of your party.

10. Remember to have fun.

It’s easy to get caught up in the organization of a party and forget to have fun as the host. Make sure you take time to socialize, laugh and enjoy the fruits of your labor.


Longtime friends Lane Janger and Jeremy Ronceros started Feasty after Lane threw a birthday party for his twin children and wanted guests to donate to charity instead of bringing gifts. Their idea was to streamline the way people can do more with their parties. Hence Feasty, a simple, effective way to create a personalized visual invitation to a party and have the option of raising money to go directly to your favorite charity or personal cause.

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