A Gay Trump Voter Will Be Featured on MTV’s New Naked Dating Show ‘Undressed’

A Gay Trump Voter Will Be Featured on MTV’s New Naked Dating Show ‘Undressed’

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Undressed, the brand-new dating show coming to MTV on August 16, promises to be very hot and sexy. It also promises to be a tad controversial, and the new promo suggests a gay Trump voter will be featured.

MTV explains: “Undressed, the brand-new series coming to MTV on August 16, will feature two strangers becoming acquainted with one another — with a sexy twist. Mere minutes after exchanging formalities, the duo will be instructed to remove their clothes and answer questions/perform challenges in order to test their compatibility. It’s time to strip — and get really real.”

Things seem to get heated between a gay couple in bed when one asks the other, “As a gay man, how could you vote for Trump?”

This isn’t the first time MTV has featured a show called Undressed. From July, 1999 to September, 2002, the network aired a series that followed the relationships of young people, often high schoolers, college students, and twenty somethings in the Los Angeles area. The series was controversial for its frank discussions about sex, including depictions of promiscuous behavior between teens, as well as gay and lesbian relationships.

The new iteration of Undressed hails from Australia where the reality series is already extremely popular.

“As any experienced reality television watcher will tell you, however, “social experiment” just means they’ll be putting normal people in abnormal situations and seeing if the results are entertaining enough to put on telly,” explains Jo Thornely at news.com.au.

She continues: “In Undressed, the normal people are single and on-paper compatible, and the abnormal situation is that they must undress each other down to their underwear, sit on a bed, and respond to questions and instructions on a massive screen. At the end, they have to decide if they want to see each other again, but that’s the least interesting part.”

Watch the trailer for Undressed below:

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