A Sexually Fluid Trans Man Will Be ‘Undressed’ on New MTV Dating Show

A Sexually Fluid Trans Man Will Be ‘Undressed’ on New MTV Dating Show

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Undressed, the new dating show on MTV features contestants going on a blind date where they disrobe each other right after meeting. An early preview of the show teased a heated exchange between two gays when on finds out the other one is a Trump supporter.  He asks: “As a gay man, how could you vote for Trump?”

MTV explains: “Undressed will feature two strangers becoming acquainted with one another — with a sexy twist. Mere minutes after exchanging formalities, the duo will be instructed to remove their clothes and answer questions/perform challenges in order to test their compatibility. It’s time to strip — and get really real.”

In this week’s episode, 22-year-old Blake is set up with Devlin. Blake describes himself as sexually fluid and explains that “it can be difficult to meet new people because they don’t understand what my situation is.”

Devlin describes himself as a “nervous” introvert who has “taken an unspoken vow of celibacy” and “who usually friend zones himself.”

There’s attraction between the two right after meeting. “Blake is super cute. The first thing my eye goes to is some tattoos,” Devlin says. “Major plus right off the bat.”

Sparks seem to fly as the pair chat about each other’s style. When asked by the screen to undress, Blake admits he’s more than nervous to be vulnerable so quickly. “There are things that he’s going to see right off that bat,” he reveals.

Devlin and the audience quickly realize Blake is transgender. “I see the bindings and I’m understanding that he might be a trans man, and all of these thoughts are rushing through my head about like, okay what’s the first thing I’m going to say?”

Watch the clip from this week’s episode of Undressed below:

Find out what happens on the new episode of Undressed, Wednesday, Aug. 23, at 11/10c on MTV.

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