5 Unicorn Skincare Products Designed to Keep Gay Men Looking Their Best

5 Unicorn Skincare Products Designed to Keep Gay Men Looking Their Best

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While it might have been in the past, skincare is no longer just for women. Of course, that’s not a new concept for gay men, whose medicine cabinets often resemble the product-lined walls of a high-end spa. But in the world of skincare, products that are designed by and for men are still surprisingly lacking. One company — Unicorn Skincare, based out of Taiwan — has done a stellar job of cornering that men’s skincare market, producing facial, body and lifestyle products for the man who wants to treat himself like a king.

Unicorn Skincare broke into the market in 2015 with the release of its Buttocks Lift Mask — a patented, innovative product that hadn’t been seen before. Since then, using cutting-edge technology and a passion for creating the products their male users want to see, Unicorn branched out into several body skincare products. In 2016, Unicorn began to develop facial products along with lifestyle gear, expanding from men’s bodies to the bigger picture.

GQ Taiwan considered Unicorn Skincare as part of its 2015 Best Men’s Skincare Products, and Unicorn has also worked in partnership with popular men’s underwear label 2(x)ist.

Perhaps most importantly, though, Unicorn Skincare considers “breaking biases” to be its main mission, and in its home of Taiwan, the brand has dedicated time and resources to supporting the local LGBTQ community. Unicorn has participated in Taiwan Pride for two years in a row, has sponsored events including the seventh annual Energy Cup (the largest LGBT sports game in Taiwan) and Taiwan’s International Queer Film Festival, and has led an LGBT-friendly corporate union urging the country’s government to support gay marriage.

Now that is an example of how business can make a difference!

Below we take a look at five of Unicorn Skincare’s leading products for men, from the exciting item that started it all to other body and facial skincare products.

1. Buttock Lift Mask

The product that put Unicorn on the map is a first in the world of men’s skincare products, though we don’t see why women seeking a little butt lift couldn’t partake as well. The mask uses galactoarabinana, a polysaccharide, to promote skin cell renewal and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Before using, place the mask in the freezer or heat it up for even better results. A great gift to enjoy with your partner, “It hydrates, smoothes and tones your buttocks skin in the most gentle way,” says Unicorn Co-Founder Johnny Shih. $40

2. Sculpting Abdomen Gel

Great for guys who like to get sweaty, this gel purports to strengthen abdominal fat burn, maximizing your workout performance. Just apply it before exercising. It uses a synthetic peptide to firm and lift, toning and conditioning the skin. “The gel produces a slight heating sensation that varies with the intensity of the workout, “says Shih. $40

3. Anti-Acne Body Lotion

Combat acne with this salicylic acid-equipped lotion that will unclog pores, reduce blemishes and prevent future breakouts on your face and body. The lotion’s glycolic acid will hydrate, treat discoloration and give you a more even-toned complexion, while herbal extracts (chamomile, magnolia bark and camellia sinensis leaf) will soothe and hydrate your skin. $44

4. Body Massage Oil

“With an essential oil mix of Ylang Ylang, geranium and bergamot orange, this massage oil soothes, calms, softens and nourishes the skin,” says Shih. It’s an in-house formula that uses a variety of botanical essential oils, only from all-natural ingredients. $43

5. Facial Hair Growth Nutrient

Meant for eyebrows, beards, moustaches and sideburns, this growth nutrient uses natural herb ingredients to grow and thicken facial hair. Best used after cleaning your face, you’re supposed to massage it into desired areas for a few minutes. “This is one of Asian men’s favorite essentials,” Shih says. $44

Find several more products by Unicorn at UnicornSkincare.com

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