Unintentionally Funny Vitamin Ad Says “We All Need The D”

Unintentionally Funny Vitamin Ad Says “We All Need The D”

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Finally, there’s a campaign we can all get behind (or in front of)! While everyone does in fact need Vitamin D — it helps maintain healthy bones, healthy mood and disease immunity — we’re pretty sure no doctors refer to it as “the D”; especially since “the D” is slang for penis. Perhaps the marketing department of Canada, Yukon’s Health and Human Services didn’t know that?

Apparently not because the group pulled the ads after some mockery on Twitter.

Please keep animals away while taking “the D.”

That being said, “the D” can make you hella thirsty, cause late night sweats and even bowel issues. It is possible to overdose and form an addiction to “the D”, so be careful and ask your doctor if “the D” is right for you.

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