United States of Hate Groups Infographic

United States of Hate Groups Infographic

Written by Kevin Farrell on July 18, 2016
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The Atlantic Senior Editor Richard Florida breaks down The Geography of Hate across America in relation to education, religion, and voting for Barack Obama and John McCain in the previous election. The results, while not shocking, take on new significance by exploring how states like Mississippi, Arkansas, and Montana arrived at the hateful places they are today.

I enjoyed Florida’s piece so much, I’m making it the daily gay infographic.

richard florida, the atlantic, hate, infographic
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john mccain, republican. gay, infographic
Statewide tolerance for hate was positively associated with votes for John McCain.
obama votes, gay, infographic, hate
The reverse was true for Obama-voting states. The less hate meant the more votes for Barack Obama.
religion, gay, infographic, hate groups
Ironically, the higher the percentage of people reporting that religion plays an important part in their lives, the higher the concentration of hate groups. Anyone who has been forced to endure “good Christians” discriminatory views of just about anything can confirm this. WWJD, indeed.
education, human capital, gay, infographic
Finally, the better educated a state’s population is, the less hate there exists.

Florida also provides several other charts offering other lenses to view this data through. The entire article is absolutely worth a read.

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