‘Untucked the Musical’ Is Here, and It’s Unabashedly Hilarious (Video)

‘Untucked the Musical’ Is Here, and It’s Unabashedly Hilarious (Video)

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Songwriter Henry Koperski and YouTuber Tim Murray are teaming up to write Untucked the Musical. It’s everything you never knew you needed.

Last week, the duo posted “Vegas Showgirls,” a ballad that borrows its words from Kimora Blac’s endearing (and odd) exchange with Farrah Moan right before her elimination.

This week, they leave us with “Alexis Michelle’s Lament,” an 11 o’clock number using the words from Michelle’s rant after she was read on the runway for her “basic” look.

As Michelle, Murray begins, “OK, here’s what I need to say. I take responsibility for the visual choices I made on the runway today. I own that this was my choice. Did nobody think to say to me, ‘Girl, what are you doing with that dress?’”

Next, Michelle considers calling out the other contestants for not helping her like she would have done to them.

“Lament” is really funny, and kind of catchy, too. We can’t wait for what Koperski and Murray come up with next, as “Untucked” this season has offered the duo lots of juicy drama to sink their teeth into.

It’s amazing that drag, a parody on reality, is now itself being parodied. That shows how far we’ve come and how drag is the “new normal.”

“I’m a composer and Tim Murray is a brilliant performer and writer,” Koperski explains. “After years of watching hilarious, emotional scenes unfold on Untucked, we decided we had to work together to turn these into dramatic music theater scenes.”

“It’s incredible how beautifully perfect the exact dialogue of these conversations fit into specific musical tropes. If you have any favorite Untucked moments that you’d like to see turned into a musical, please tweet them to Tim or myself!”

Since Alexis Michelle is a live-singing Broadway diva herself, will she add the tune to one of her cabarets? That would be a drag dream in heaven.

Watch “Alexis Michelle’s Lament” from Untucked the Musical:

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