This Urban Camouflage Artist Helped a Nearly Nude Bodybuilder Blend into a Vegetable Stand

This Urban Camouflage Artist Helped a Nearly Nude Bodybuilder Blend into a Vegetable Stand

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Carolyn Roper is a U.K.-based freelance makeup artist whose award-winning body painting has gone viral, particularly her “urban camouflage” images of people painted to blend into city settings like stadiums, libraries and bus stops.

Here’s her eye-popping Instagram and an example of one of her past artworks:

Roper gained a more recent bit of notoriety after offering her skills to the Channel 4 series Naked And Invisible, a series of short films where she helped camouflage people in public; these folks later popped out and surprised unaware passers-by. For the series, Roper painted a Suicide Girl burlesque performer, a librarian drag-queen named Morgan Fabulous and a 27-year-old fitness trainer named Ashley Lewis.

Lewis wanted to participate in the series because his hunky physique makes people stare at him all the time. “The way I look makes me stand out people look at my arms. I think every guy wants to have a six-pack or some sort of definition in their stomach,” he said. People will sometimes ask him if he uses steroids (he doesn’t), so he wanted to try being invisible in public for a while, though he worried he might also get self-conscious if no one looked at him at all.

Roper spent five hours painting Lewis’ near-naked body to blend into the produce stand of a local supermarket. Wearing only a thong and a smile, Lewis’ body gradually faded into a stall filled with carrots, onions and tomatoes. He then surprised lots people by suddenly moving and suggesting certain vegetables as they stood nearby.

You can watch a video of Lewis’ amazing transformation below (and here):

Roper said that since the series’ release on April 6, 2017 the video of her painting Lewis has received more than 5.7 million views and been shared over 66,000 times around the world.

She added, “The reaction of the members of the public when they were ‘surprised’ by the models wearing their camouflage body paint and not a lot else was at times hilarious and so much fun to watch.”

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