US Court Denies Jamaican Bi Man Asylum — Because He Has Sex With Women World

US Court Denies Jamaican Bi Man Asylum — Because He Has Sex With Women

Written by Matt Keeley on October 04, 2017
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This one’s a headscratcher. A US Court of Appeal judge refused to grant asylum to a bisexual Jamaican man; he was requesting asylum due to the high levels of homophobic violence in the country. Denying someone safety is strange enough, but wait until you hear the reason — the judge determined he couldn’t be bisexual because he had relationships with women. Does this judge know what “bisexual” means? This and more bad news in our monthly look at queerphobia around the world.

  • Tanzanian Justice Minister Harrison Mwakyembe continued the country’s recent crackdown on LGBT people, announcing that the government will revoke the registration of any charity or NGO that ‘supports homosexuality.’


  • According to a new report from Human Rights Watch, Indonesian government officials were responsible for sanctioning violence against LGBT people through their ongoing discriminatory rhetoric and anti-LGBT policies. 



  • A US Court of Appeal denied a bisexual Jamaican man asylum despite the violence he has suffered due to his sexuality. In her ruling, the judge concluded the man was not bisexual because of his relationships with women. 


  • Syrian refugee Mohammed Wissam Sankari was found beheaded and his body mutilated in Istanbul. Friends believe Sankari was targeted for being openly gay


  • Reports came from Iraq that ISIS continues to execute men accused of homosexuality as four men were thrown from a building and then stoned to death in front of a crowd of onlookers.



  • In Qatar—where homosexuality is penalized with up to 3 years in prison—an op-ed from a young man on the challenges of being gay sparked fierce backlash on Twitter. Publisher Doha News has since amended the essay with an editor’s note reaffirming that they do not ‘advocate breaking the law.’


  • Ugandan police raided a beauty pageant on the third night of Uganda’s LGBTI Pride. Attendees say police locked the nightclub gates to detain the crowd then assaulted, humiliated, and arrested more than 16 people.


  • During the Rio Olympics, news site the Daily Beast came under fire for an article written by a straight reporter who used the Grindr app to interview gay Olympians. After many readers—including out Olympic swimmer Amini Fonua—accused the author of entrapment and outing athletes from countries with criminalizing laws, the site apologized and deleted the article.


  • Evita, Israel’s oldest, largest, and only explicitly gay bar, closed its doors after 12 years.


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