U.S. Saves Gay Man From Being Killed By His Anti-Gay Terrorist Family

U.S. Saves Gay Man From Being Killed By His Anti-Gay Terrorist Family

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Last year, we told you about John Calvin, a Palestinian whose grandfather was one of the founders of the terrorist organization Hamas. At the time, he was living in Edmonton, Alberta — but Canada was threatening to deport him for “having links to a terrorist organization.” The rub? His family wants him dead — either as an honor killing in retribution for coming out as gay or for being a “traitor” for appearing on Israeli television.

Unfortunately for Calvin, Canada ultimately rejected his plea to stay in the country as a refugee — making the case that, though he fled them, he was born as part of Hamas, and will always be part of Hamas. Since Canada was about to deport him, and returning home would mean certain death, Calvin took a risk: he fled across the border to the United States.

The United States detained Calvin for seven months, but that was actually good news. Though Calvin isn’t eligible for discretionary relief — meaning he’s not an official refugee in the U.S. — he won’t be deported either. The immigration judge agreed that Calvin would be in grave danger if he returned, and thus, it’d be against the law to deport him. What this means is that Calvin gets to stay in the United States, but he can’t become a permanent resident. Calvin, however, can apply for a work permit every year, which will allow him to get a social security number which will make life for him here a little easier.

Calvin is currently looking for a job — his goal is to go to law school and become a lawyer.

(Featured image via Save John Calvin/Facebook)