These Are the 7 Must-Pack Items for a Weekend Jaunt to Paradise

These Are the 7 Must-Pack Items for a Weekend Jaunt to Paradise

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Whether you’re heading to the sandy beaches and mild weather of San Diego or the pebbly shores of Cape Cod by way of Provincetown, the most difficult part of getting away from the grind is often figuring out what the hell you’re gonna pack. Bringing your entire closet with you on a weekend-long getaway to paradise isn’t the way to go, as having too many wardrobe options once you arrive will only leave you stressed. Instead, your vacation fashion should be limited but cover every base.

That’s where Hayley Ross, lead curator of the men’s clothing subscription service Trendy Butler, swings in for the rescue. For the last two years she’s worked in the company’s styling department, putting together the fashionable packages that get sent to men around the country each month. We asked Hayley for her input on weekend getaway staples.

Here are the 7 pieces of vacation fashion every weekend trip requires:

1. A patterned short-sleeve button-up 

“A fun patterned button-up is a summer staple,” says Hayley, partly because it’s also a versatile option that you can dress up or dress down. “Wear it open with a white tee during the day or buttoned-up for a night out.” A sophisticated floral print can offer a fun pop or color, but let’s make sure it doesn’t resemble something your wacky Uncle Larry bought in Oahu.


2. Chino shorts 

When the name of the game is packing light — as to avoid hauling a bulky suitcase with you on the plane, ferry or in the backseat of that sexy convertible you’ve rented for the weekend — it’s important to pack items you can wear anytime of day. “Day or night, these can be worn anywhere,” says Hayley. And since it’s 2017, you’re better off leaving your shorts with side-pockets — or, god forbid, pleats — at home. “A classier alternative to cargo shorts, the streamlined chino short is a must for every summer getaway,” she says. We tend to agree.


3. Swim trunks 

Is there any better reason to purchase a sexy new suit than your upcoming weekend vacay? Assuming you’re heading somewhere with high temps and warm waters — and why wouldn’t you be? — you’re gonna want to sport a swimsuit that matches your personal style. Hayley says, “No vacation in paradise is complete without a dip in the water.” We say, “Listen to the woman!”


4. Docksider boat shoes 

“Step off the boat and into your favorite local bar with these stylish shoes,” says Hayley. But these aren’t only perfect for a weekend getaway where you’ll be stepping onto a schooner. Instead they offer a sort of timeless style that says Yeah, I’m on vacation but I can still look well put together. “Docksiders can make any outfit pop,” she says, “and they’ll set you apart from all your friends wearing flip-flops.”


5. Linen button-up shirt 

Comfort is key while on your weekend away, and your choice of fabrics should reflect that. No fabric says I’m in total vacation mode more than linen, right? “Keep it cool with a breezy linen button up,” Hayley says. “Simple and classic, it’s perfect for hitting the town.”


6. Wayfarer Sunglasses 

“This is a must for every man’s packing list, and you’ll look effortlessly cool in these timeless shades,” Hayley says, and we couldn’t agree more. The Wayfarer is the most iconic and recognizable sunglasses frame, and while it’s been toyed with through the decades, there’s a reason it hasn’t strayed far from its origins. While they were originally crafted by Ray-Ban, these days nearly every manufacturer of shades offers their own take on the classic style.


7. Polo shirt 

Sure, you could fill your duffel with a stack of T-shirts, but when your weekend getaway calls for a more sophisticated vibe, there’s no easier way to achieve that than with a classic Polo. “Wear a polo when you want a dressier take on your old tees,” says Hayley. And you can still let your personal style shine through, as Polo shirts span the gamut of colors, cuts and material. “Whether you like it bright or choose to stay neutral, you’ll step out looking confident and ready to take charge.” That’s right — take charge of your vacation, because you never know when the next one presents itself.


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