After Claims of Her Bad Behavior Went Viral, Valentina Has Offered Up a Genuine Apology

After Claims of Her Bad Behavior Went Viral, Valentina Has Offered Up a Genuine Apology

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Earlier this week, we published an article about allegations that Valentina was being a diva behind the scenes at her shows. While a name was never mentioned in the initial post by Aurora Sexton, everyone assumed it was Valentina because she had just appeared the night before at the club Play in Nashville where Sexton performs.

Today, Sexton and the bar’s owner have come out to clear the air, making comments on social media clarifying that parts of the post weren’t about Valentina. Also, Sexton reveals Valentina has since apologized for what she did do at the bar last week that pissed Sexton off so much.

Sexton posted today:

Drag Racers,

A few days ago I called out the bad behavior of a few RPDR contestants that I found offensive against my club and co workers. As everyone knows by now it went viral and ignited a firestorm online.

Valentina was one of the entertainers I was referring to. While I did find her actions offensive, she was not the worst ( she was not the one demanding champagne and m&ms) and unfortunately took the brunt of the backlash.

Yesterday Valentina called me personally to apologize for her actions and we had a very nice talk. I don’t think she is a bad person. I was young and dumb once too. We all make mistakes. Whats important is that we learn and grow from them which she is very eager to do. Unfortunately she’s doing it in front of millions of people. She didn’t have to reach out to me but she did which was very big of her and I believe she was genuinely sorry.

Tonight she will be appearing at our sister club Play Louisville. I hope everyone will come out for a great show with the playmates and allow Valentina to make her apologies and show her fans the side I got to see yesterday. It’s never too late to change.

Many people assumed that the “red M&MS and champagne” were references to Valentina. However, the bar’s owner posted the following on Facebook, clarifying that nowhere in her rider were either of those items asked for.

Valentina appears tonight at Play’s bar in Louisville, Kentucky.

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