In Her Hilarious New ‘Despacito’ Parody, Alaska Is an Obsessive Valentina Fan (Video)

In Her Hilarious New ‘Despacito’ Parody, Alaska Is an Obsessive Valentina Fan (Video)

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Alaska Thunderfuck just released a new video for her parody of “Despacito.” The video is pretty hilarious, showing a Valentina-obsessed Alaska pining over the RuPaul’s Drag Race star.

Alaska has performed the song during her AAA Girls tour, but she finally released it for all of her fans to hear early this morning, and then released the video later this afternoon. It’s also probably no coincidence that she won All Stars 2 exactly a year ago today.

In the song, Alaska sings: “I saw an angel on my TV. Could I be dreaming? Someone pinched me? Yeah, She had me at ‘Hello, it’s me!’ You know who you are. Your smiling could have light up my darkest day. How many challenges you could have slayed? But they made you turn and walk away.”

“I have a secret obsession with the highly polarizing figure from Season 9 of RuPaul’s Drag Race known as Valentina. I wrote a song about her,” she said in a statement. “In Spanish. I asked her to be on the track and she said yes. But then she stopped returning my texts. I got ghosted by Valentina – and this song is about the sorrow and pain associated with that journey.”

Alaska told Hornet exclusively, “I used my 6th-grade comprehension of Spanish to write this ode to the highly polarizing figure known as Valentina.”

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The mostly black and white video has tinges of red that signify important items like snakes, M&Ms and red rose petals, a nod to Valentina’s favorite flower and the emoji her fans used to troll other contestants. At one point in the video, Alaska wears the infamous face mask Valentina wore during the episode that made RuPaul stop her lip sync. She also wears a cowboy hat, a staple of Valentina’s boy wardrobe.

Fans are loving the video. One said, “I don’t think I can’t properly express all the ways I love this so… Happy Friday to me!” Another exclaimed, “This is what I needed, truly and honestly.”

Alaska wants everyone to “sip champagne and eat red M&MS while praying I don’t get sued by Justin Bieber.”

Watch Alaska’s Valentina video here:

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