Vicky Vox and Detox Spill Some Major Tea on Valentina’s Diva-Like Behavior

Vicky Vox and Detox Spill Some Major Tea on Valentina’s Diva-Like Behavior

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RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 2 queen Detox sat down with her best friend Vicky Vox on the latest episode of Hey Qween, hosted by Jonny McGovern. Detox and Vox were playing a game of “Look at Huh!” when Drag Race Season 9 fan favorite Valentina came up. The pair spilled some major tea on Valentina’s diva-like behavior.

When the pair first saw Valentina on the screen, Detox responded, “She is stunning, but she has got a lot of growing up to do.” Vox followed that comment with, “Is she stunning? She has great teeth.”

“I think she’s got a great team behind her,” Detox said. “Do you not know what I mean by a great team behind her?”

Detox | Photo by Austin Young

Next, Vox told a story about Valentina before she was on Drag Race. Evidently Valentina’s diva behavior started way before she was on the show, and Vox recalled an alleged incident in which she had to pull her aside and teach her a lesson on how she was acting.

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Vox began, “Before this bitch went on TV, I pulled her aside at a club and I said, ‘Look here, you gonna have to start taking care of yourself. You gonna have to do your own wigs, you’re gonna have to do this, you’re gonna have to do that …’”

Detox interrupted, mimicking Valentina, “Can someone remove my wig, please?”

Vicky Vox | Photo by Austin Young

Vox continued her story:

I’ve never told this story out loud.

She came backstage up to the dressing room after her first number in the show we was doing. She came upstairs and she goes, “Can someone remove my wig, please?” Meanwhile, somebody is unzipping her dress and taking off her shoes. And I went, “Girl, come here. Girl, come here. Here’s the thing. You gonna be on tour with some diva bitches — some actual diva bitches — and they’re not gonna put up with this bullshit.” They’re not gonna deal with it, because you have to be [self-sufficient] up to a point and then the rest …

OK. If you can do everything for yourself and then when people help you, it makes it better. But if you can’t do it for yourself and people are doing it for you, you’re not gonna grow. You’re not gonna get any better. You’re not gonna go anywhere because it’s being put on you. You’re not moving with it, and I said, “Girl, you gonna have do this for yourself. It’s gonna come a time when you gotta get off the plane, you got 30 minutes to get from the plane to the hotel to the club, do your face and your hair and everything and get the fuck dressed and be on the stage, bitch.”

Meanwhile, she’s never been on time.

Valentina fan or not, there’s actually a fantastic lesson that we can all learn from Vox’s story. It can be easy to half-ass work and expect others to pick up the pieces for you instead of learning how to do it yourself. It may be harder to do things the right way, but in the end, it’s the only way you’re going to actually grow from that experience.

Vox’s words “You’re not moving with it” are accidental poetry. We ourselves are doing some self-reflecting this morning on how we can be better at the things we do, drag-related or otherwise.

We hope that since some time has passed since this story happened, Valentina has learned a thing or two herself about the importance of self-sufficiency and growth.

We reached out to Valentina for comment. We will update this post if she or her team get back to us. What do you think of Detox and Vicky Vox’s story about Valentina’s diva-like behavior?Sound off in the comments below and on Facebook.

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