Vandal Spray Paints ‘FAG’ on Gay Iowa Democratic Candidate’s Home

Vandal Spray Paints ‘FAG’ on Gay Iowa Democratic Candidate’s Home

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Chris Schwartz — a Democratic candidate running for the Board of Supervisors in Black Hawk County, Iowa — had his home vandalized last night with the word “FAG” spray-painted over his campaign sign in his front yard, and “Lev 20:13” spray painted on his front door, a reference to the Bible verse that reads: “If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them.”

Schwartz has contacted the police, his Facebook post about the incident (below) has gotten 423 shares at the time of publication and we have also reached out to him for a comment.

A local group called Cedar Valley Patriots for Christ has offered to raise money to clean up the vandalism at Schwartz’s home even though they support his Republican competitors and had this comment about Schwartz in a recent post:

Christopher Schwartz, you stated that one of your biggest accomplishments was bringing “Pridefest” to the Cedar Valley. On this side, we think that the display of debauchery on our community streets is not family friendly and is quite disgusting. It also so happens that your supporters do your dirty work for you. You also encourage his by calling our group a “hate” group. For the record (for the millionth time) we do not hate you or anybody. We do hate sin and the glorification of it.

Another commenter has pointed out their words could have encouraged the vandalism that they’re now offering to help clean up. Maybe their offer of repayment is a form of penance?

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