The Vatican’s Nativity Scene Includes a Sexy Naked Guy, and Homophobes Aren’t Happy

The Vatican’s Nativity Scene Includes a Sexy Naked Guy, and Homophobes Aren’t Happy

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On Dec. 7, the Vatican unveiled its official nativity scene with 20 life-sized terra-cotta figures displayed around the sweet Baby Jesus in illustrations of the “seven corporal works of mercy” which include acts of kindness such as feeding the hungry and visiting the sick and imprisoned. The figure for “clothing the naked” is a muscular, naked dude who basically looks like an underwear model, and he’s so eye-grabbing that he has some religious viewers angry, claiming him as evidence of the ever-vigilant gay lobby trying to gay up the Vatican (as if it wasn’t already the gayest place on God’s green Earth).

First brought to our attention by, the religious blog Veritas Vincit International criticized the nativity scene for de-emphasizing Christ — the so-called blessed infant who is usually at the center of every Christmastime nativity scene.

Instead, the naked man becomes the center of attention, not only because he is hot AF, but also because he’s buck naked in front of a huge-ass Christmas tree at the nativity’s scenes right side. Who would even look at Sweet Baby J with hot male nudity and royal tannenbaum action going on in the margins?

Twitter critics blasted the nativity scene as “hideous” saying that it “mocks the Nativity of Our Lord,” that its figures look “warped and demented” and scene’s broken architecture “represents the destruction of the church, clearly!”

Other Twitter commenters appreciate the contemporary interpretation of the nativity. While others complained about the acts of charity depicted, one wry commenter said, “It’s almost as if Jesus came to earth for a reason, depicted here, but you don’t get it.”


An unnamed source for a particularly unhinged anti-gay website, Life Site News, called the scene, “a sacrilegious, highly deceitful and malevolent attempt to turn the holy innocence of the manger in St. Peter’s Square into a lobbying tool for the homosexual rights movement.”

Sadly, this person seems unaware of how incredibly gay the Vatican already is, including its not-so-secret gay lobby. That is, if the nativity scene seems extra gay this year, that’s only because it’s finally catching up with the rest of its surroundings.

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