VelociPastor, The Murdering Priest-Dinosaur (Obviously)

VelociPastor, The Murdering Priest-Dinosaur (Obviously)

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While we try to make the day about gay-friendly news and businesses each day here at Unicorn Booty, we inadvertently end up covering a lot of church stories as well. No, not announcements about guest Sunday school teachers and boutique flavored holy waters. Never that.

We mean church stories like the youth pastor who told the kids he was molesting that he was helping them to ejaculate their sins out, or the Christian iPhone app that claimed to cure gays of their status as God’s handicapped children. You know, the beef.

This church story is neither here nor there. Instead, we are proud to present the movie trailer for VelociPastor. We had no idea that religious-prehistoric-70’s-horror was even a viable genre. Boy were we wrong! Enjoy.

Wow, man. Just wow. Where do we buy tickets?

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