The Hornet Guide to Bangkok’s Best Saunas

The Hornet Guide to Bangkok’s Best Saunas

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Bangkok is famous for its tropical beaches, opulent palaces, and exuberant nightlife. No wonder Bangkok has been the top choice for gay travel. As one of the most gay-friendly Asian countries, Thailand legalized same-sex activities in 1956. However, Thai law currently does not recognize same-sex marriages, civil unions or domestic partnerships. In fact, Thailand just passed a bill last year to criminalize discrimination against LGBTs.

When visiting Bangkok, keep in mind that sex work is not entirely illegal in Thailand. With laws prohibiting public solicitation, visitors may occasionally encounter sex workers at bars or massage parlors asking money for sex. To avoid this situation, we have enclosed our Thai Phrasebook, with some essential phrases in Thai.

Since hanging out at saunas is an excellent way to meet locals and experience the gay scene, we recommend these top Thai saunas for you to explore:


This iconic men’s complex features wet and dry saunas. It also houses a dark maze and a well-equipped gym to use. Babylon has something for everyone, and it’s a firm favorite among local and international visitors.

Chakran Sauna

Chakran Sauna is famous for its exquisite décor that exudes a sophisticated Mediterranean mood.  It has a lounge, gym, sauna, and even a restaurant in this facility. If getting laid is on your mind, this is the place to be for some frisky fun.

The Prince

This facility has a sleek interior decor, modern equipment, and a peaceful ambiance. However, the handsome and hot masseuses at The Prince are the main reason patrons frequent this place.

39 Underground 

39 Underground has “Naked Night” scheduled on Sunday as a way to entice visitors to check out this two-level facility. Besides hosting different theme nights, you can go to 39 Underground anytime. They’re open daily from noon to midnight.

Sauna Mania

It is not hard to find Sauna Mania on the busy Soi Pipat 2. Like other establishments, this place offers gym equipment and a standard sauna — but cruising happens on the second floor if you’re ready for some sexual adventures.

R3 Sauna

The newest sauna in Bangkok, R3 sauna is the first 24-hour facility in the city offering all-day services. This luxurious place has a jacuzzi and steam room for relaxation. It also has fantasy spaces and a dark maze for patrons to play. Early evening around 7 PM is the best time to visit this place.

(Featured image via IStoleTheTV/Flickr)

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