The Hornet Guide to Taiwan

The Hornet Guide to Taiwan

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Taiwan has become a top gay destination in Asia, and it is easy to understand why. Taipei, Taiwan’s capital, rivals Bangkok’s nightlife and has become a gay mecca throughout Asia. Taipei also has one of the biggest gay pride celebration in this region, and it recently coronated its Mr. Gay Taiwan as the country’s representative to Mr. Gay World pageant. Still not convinced how gay-friendly Taiwan is? Well, Taiwan may become the first Asian country to legalize same-sex marriage and advocates marriage equality in 2017.

Another reason why gay men visit Taiwan because they can experience gay life beyond Taipei. This island is tiny in size but has a large gay community throughout the country. So we invite you to experience different facets in Taiwan with us, and discover a distinctive gay flavor from these cities:


Taiwan’s most populated city, Kaohsiung, is in the south of the country — and it has a lively gay nightlife. Known for its hospitality, Kaohsiung loves to throw a great party. If you are in town, these are the must-visit spots for you:

Hi-Bar Club 

Hi-Bar Club exudes fun, high energy, and a touch of sass. If karaoke is your thing, this bar regularly hosts contests — so you can unleash your inner diva in this cozy, friendly spot.

Rainbow Thursday

Guys (and girls) come to Rainbow Thursday for a great time. This club throws fabulous weekly parties you won’t want to miss! Young, fun crowds come here to socialize and lose themselves dancing to upbeat music.


Do you know that Tainan was the original capital city of Taiwan under the Qing Dynasty? Just north of Kaohsiung, today visitors come to Tainan to explore its century-old temples, fortress and more. Like Kaohsiung, Tainan has an active gay community and lots of fun places to visit. Here are our top recommendations for gay Tainan:

Light Lounge

Light Lounge is a great, cozy place to meet up with your friends and spill the tea. If sipping hot tea is not your “cup of tea,” this place also has delicious baked treats and coffee to feast on.

Shangan Spa

Taiwanese gay men frequent spas as a way to socialize. Shangan Spa, a national franchise, is the go-to place for locals to mingle and relax in Tainan. This spa also has a roster of trained masseurs, and they offer a variety of massage for services.


Taichung is the industrial city on the west side of central Taiwan. This new old town has first-rate infrastructure (it recently opened a new airport) with gorgeous old temples spread out the city. Taichung also has a decent gay scene to explore after a long day of sightseeing:

Golden Man Spa

Taichung has some gay-friendly places to visit. Like Tainan, guys go to spas or massage parlors as a way to socialize with each other. Golden Man Spa, a famous spa franchise in Taichung, is a haven for gay Taichung men to have fun with each other. Like Shangan Spa, this place also has trained masseurs on site to give excellent services to the customers.


We can’t get enough of Taipei, so we will end our tour in Taiwan and check in here for our final stop. The Vespa Guide To Getting Laid In Taipei has featured several must-visit places previously, but since Taipei has so much to offer when it comes to fun, we didn’t want you to miss out on these additional great locations:

Cafe Dalida

Come and enjoy a lively interaction with your friends (or strangers) at this patio bar. Cafe Dalida is an iconic fixture in the Red House district (you can’t miss this place with plenty of green ferns as its decoration), and you will immerse yourself immediately to this attitude-free bar.



With a cute name like “Goldfish,” one would never expect that this place draws a bear crowd. Once you are there, you will be amazed at its superb drink selection and friendly staff.


(Featured image via Marc Love/Flickr.)


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