The Hornet Guide to Kaohsiung Nightlife

The Hornet Guide to Kaohsiung Nightlife

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Move over Taipei; Kaohsiung is the new darling in town.

Taipei, Taiwan‘s capital, is already an internationally known city. However, Kaohsiung is no stranger to the global spotlight. It hosted the World Games of 2009 with huge fanfare. Kaohsiung morphed into a modern city a rapid transportation system and the second largest Taiwanese international airport. Kaohsiung, located in the southwest, has beautiful sites and a rich culture to explore. If you need a break from the noise, get out of Taipei and head down to Kaohsiung. It’ll take your breath away.

Kaohsiung is all about hospitality and having a great time. Taipei may be the king of nightlife, but Kaohsiung has plenty to do that rivals Taipei’s bar and club scene. We have ventured into this fantastic city to discover many hidden gems — from clubs to live music venues to other gay places so you can experience Kaohsiung’s Southern charm:


Lamp Disco

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