The Hornet Guide to Saint Petersburg’s Gay-Friendly Restaurants

The Hornet Guide to Saint Petersburg’s Gay-Friendly Restaurants

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Saint Petersburg, the famous capital of northern Russia, is one of the most beautiful places in the world. With its natural beauty, many people have referred this city as the North Venice or North Palmira of Russia.

The best time to visit Saint Petersburg is around late spring for local events. For example, White Nights, which begin at the end of May, is a must-visit festival here. From June 11th to July 2nd, each night becomes noticeably lighter and warmer than the previous one.

Saint Petersburg also has about 800 bridges, 13 of them are movable, and each one has a fascinating history. The drawbridge is the most interesting architect in town. It creates the best spectacle against the bright sky during White Nights. This stunning image will resonate with you for a lifetime.

We have many parties going on during this time, like the Scarlet Sails Festival. This annual tradition attracts thousands of spectators to the city center. People celebrate Scarlet Sails with events from music festivals to spectacular fireworks. Smelt Festival is another popular annual public event, where residents feast on this delicacy together.

Rubinstein Street is one of the most beautiful and lively streets of Saint Petersburg. There are many gay-friendly bars and restaurants in this street, each with its unique soul.

Here is my list of recommendations on where to dine in this neighborhood:

Wine Cabinet

This wine bar restaurant is famous for its signature cuisine and has the best wine selection. However, many patrons come here not only for the food, but they also come here to taste a memorable dining experience created by the restaurant staff.


This noisy and crowded bar serves the freshest berries shots as its signature drink.


This cafe bar is an institution located at the beginning of the street, with unique Jewish cuisine and Shiraz brand wine.

You can always meet new drinking friends when you visit Dumskaya Street, the mecca of bars and clubs. At the intersection of the Dumskaya and Lomonosova streets, the area called Bar Ghetto or Small Bangkok, is where people flock to and get drunk in this neighborhood.

(Featured image via RDesign812/Flickr)

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