With a Twist, Victoria Beckham Spices Up Our Lives in Carpool Karaoke Segment (Video)

With a Twist, Victoria Beckham Spices Up Our Lives in Carpool Karaoke Segment (Video)

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Earlier this week, Victoria Beckham was teasing her carpool karaoke segment with James Corden on Instagram. Well it’s here, but there is a twist. And not everyone is a fan of it.

Instead of the classic format that James Corden usually does with stars like Stevie Wonder, Jennifer Lopez, Adele and Michelle Obama – he revisits a classic film with Beckham to promote her new clothing line at Target.

The duo recreated a trailer for ‘80s film, Mannequin, which originally starred Sex and the City’s Kim Cattrall.

Beckham took on Cattrall’s role – a mannequin that comes to life – while Corden played the only person who can see her for who she truly is. They decide to run off together, so they get in the car and drive around Los Angeles. During the road trip, they of course sing some Spice Girls.

We love seeing Beckham revisit her Posh Spice ways, but not everyone is so fond of it.

Currently, Beckham has been busy promoting her new line for Target.

“I’m excited to be working with Target because they do this so well. The collaborations that they do with designers are so great and the fact that they asked me to work with them was such an honor,” Victoria Beckham revealed in a promo shoot with the brand.

That same promo shoot also used Spice Girls music as well. Mel B is said to be preparing to battle Beckham over the inclusion to use their songs in her advertising campaign for Target.

Watch Victoria Beckham and James Corden in the remake of Mannequin:

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