Victoria Jackson’s Insanely Homophobic, Nonsensical TV Interview

Victoria Jackson’s Insanely Homophobic, Nonsensical TV Interview

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OMGlee, y’all. This woman is off her meds. Victoria Jackson, of 80’s SNL and squeaky-voiced fame, made quite a splash last week when she blogged about the “Disgusting” gay kiss on Glee. (We thought it was sweet, FYI.)

CNN invited her onto Showbiz tonight to embarrass the shit out of Bible thumping bigots to say her piece. It didn’t go well for Jackson, bless her heart. She not only rides the crazy train into the station, she straight up shovels coal into the fire and blows the whistle. Her answers are nonsensical, loopy, and deeply offense. “Muslims kill gays,” anyone?

It’s pretty much the best thing you’ll watch on the internet all day!

To say that Jackson comes across as a lunatic is putting it mildly. We sincerely feel for the poor woman’s teenage daughter!

What was your favorite part of Jackson’s ranting?

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