VIDEO: The Tighty-Whitey Revolutionized Men’s Underwear

VIDEO: The Tighty-Whitey Revolutionized Men’s Underwear

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The fashion mavens of Mode are at it again — you may remember their video about men’s swimsuit fashions over the last hundred years. Well, they’ve just outdone that video with this one — it’s 100 years of men’s underwear!

Much like the swimsuits, the early days of underwear covered pretty much everything — the most skin you saw was a man’s ankles. Of course, this is rather bulky, especially for something worn beneath your clothes, so hemlines started creeping upward. Ten years later in 1926, men were still rocking the onesie, but at least now the pants become shorts.

Once the humble tighty-whitey was invented in the 1930s, followed by boxers a decade later, underwear designs stabilized. Undies may have got more colorful with some different cuts, but otherwise pretty similar. The main difference? As the years progressed, underwear designers were able to put the focus on the batch — what’s a batch, you ask? Think David Bowie in Labyrinth.

Of course, too — the fine folks at Mode have done a version for women, too:

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