VIDEO: A Revealing Visual History of Men’s Swimsuits

VIDEO: A Revealing Visual History of Men’s Swimsuits

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Online video series Mode Glam has freshened up the end of summer with 100 Years of Men’s Swimwear, a three-minute video in which dreamy model Matt Watts shows off eleven beach looks dating back to 1915.

The video’s a viral sensation, scoring over two million Youtube views in less than a week. It’s already the channel’s third most popular video ever, right up there with their quick recaps of the past century in men’s and women’s fashion.

Matt starts out wearing a striped one-piece and a questionable fake mustache, and then the suits get progressively more revealing, peaking in the 1970s (represented by some vertically striped trunks and a different but equally questionable fake mustache) before a 180-degree hemline turn into the board shorts and cargo pockets of 2005.

With only one look per decade we miss out on a lot of styles. A walk down any crowded beach will reveal men wearing a whole slew of styles that reflect all sorts of variables: from age and height to tanning ability and comfort level.

The video represents today’s look with a pair of retro trunks from Chubbies, with a desert color palette that seems more in line with 1991 than the present day and a pattern that recalls the opening credits to Saved By The Bell  — the trunks are totally sold out now, if you were wondering.)

It’s exciting to see hemlines moving back up, though! Board shorts are fine if you’re actually surfing, but soggy knee-length swimsuits get to be a real drag after awhile, no matter what year it is.

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