VIDEO: Alternate Simpsons Opening Will Open Your Head, Feast On The Goo Inside

VIDEO: Alternate Simpsons Opening Will Open Your Head, Feast On The Goo Inside

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Have you ever had a dream where you’re watching TV — maybe your favorite show — but it’s not… quite… right? Perhaps it looked like this:

Animator Yoann Hervo has reached into your weirdest dreams and smeared them on a jittery VHS tape. According to the note at the end, Hervo was planning on doing a full-episode collaboration of a brand-new, all-creepy fake Simpsons episode. Unfortunately, it looks like the project is dead, but the opening sequence has crawled out of the basement for your “enjoyment”.

Which is creepier? This, or Don Hertzfeldt‘s couch gag?

Or the couch gag that sci-fi misadventurers Rick and Morty did?

(Hat tip to FYSpringfield)

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