Apple CEO Tim Cook Explains Why He Finally Came Out

Apple CEO Tim Cook Explains Why He Finally Came Out

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When 60 Minutes profiled openly gay Apple CEO Tim Cook earlier this week, Cook answered some questions about the company’s alleged tax-dodging, why it manufactures in China, and why he waited so long to publicly come out last year, despite being Apple’s CEO since 2011.

Before his 2014 announcement, Cook’s sexuality was more or less an open secret. CNBC anchor Simon Hobbs got greeted with silence when he awkwardly mentioned it in passing during a June 2014 interview, but that was months after Cook had topped Out‘s 2013 Power List of important gay people.

Since coming out officially, Cook has since become an outspoken supporter of the LGBT community, like when he wrote a Washington Post editorial criticizing Indiana governor Mike Pence for supporting anti-LGBT discrimination.

The Alabama native explained why he came out to 60 Minutes‘ Charlie Rose:

“I think that some kid somewhere, some kid in Alabama, I think if they just for a moment stop and say, ‘If it didn’t limit him, it may not limit me.’ Or this kid that’s getting bullied. Or worse, I’ve gotten notes from people contemplating suicide. And so if I could touch just one of those, it’s worth it.”’

Watch the full interview here.

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