VIDEO: Aquafit Instructor Kills It With ‘Single Ladies’ Routine

VIDEO: Aquafit Instructor Kills It With ‘Single Ladies’ Routine

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Facebook user Beckyboo Wells (probably her real name) recently shared this video of an aquafit instructor absolutely killing it in an exercise routine to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.” He is reportedly at the pool of the Hotel Condesa De La Bahia in Alcudia, Spain and his students and nearby sunbathers seem to love his sassiness, energy and enthusiasm for Queen Bey.

As a former lifeguard and aquafit instructor though, I must point out two things:

1) Please don’t try recreating his moves on a wet pool deck. He’s one sassy sashay or poorly-placed pivot from slipping and busting his butt on the hard concrete.

2) He’s got the energy and enthusiasm of his students, but his routine’s small leg and hand movements above water don’t take advantage of water resistance. For better exercise and strength-building, he should really encourage his students to move large muscle groups through the water.

Then again, he’s probably just running a fun, light class, and who knows? Maybe after this video he forced every participant to swim laps with weigh belts until they all hurled.

Either way, his dance is giving us, Beckyboo and the pool-goers life — even Queen Bey would be proud. Maybe he should make an ultimate dance team with the guy who recently tried out to be a Miami Heat dancer.

(featured image via Mashable)

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