VIDEO: Azealia Banks Uses Gay Slur In Airplane Fight

VIDEO: Azealia Banks Uses Gay Slur In Airplane Fight

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Azealia Banks doesn’t like flying — at least that’s our interpretation after we got wind of her starting a fight on an airplane culminating in Banks calling a flight attendant a gay slur.

According to, when her flight landed at one o’clock in the morning on Tuesday, Banks unbuckled and made a race to the door. Unfortunately for her, a French couple had stood up three rows ahead to take their luggage out of the overhead compartment.

What happens next is a little vague: Banks tried to squeeze by the couple, at which point the French man either put his hand out to block her (he says) or hit her in the face (she says). Whatever the spark, Banks started to attack the man, spitting in, then punching, his face.

A flight attendant then came over to ask Banks to calm down, and grabbed her bag. The two started to fight over the bag, and this happened:

If you’re at work, or simply too classy for this sort of thing (yet still not classy enough to have passed this article by), after the tug of war, another attendant comes up. Banks complains about the first attendant, and calls him “a fucking faggot.” All parties declined to press charges.

Banks has an uncomfortable history with the word. Two years ago, she referred to Perez Hilton as a “messy faggot“, but in a SiriusXM interview earlier this year, she explains that she uses the word to mean “a man who disrespects women”, be they gay or straight.

In this interview, also from SiriusXM, Banks talks about her persona and how she’s perceived in the media:

(Featured image by Manfred Werner)

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