VIDEO: Catty Nurses Highlight A-meow-zing New Feline Soap Opera

VIDEO: Catty Nurses Highlight A-meow-zing New Feline Soap Opera

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While the rest of the world was distracting itself with #NationalDogDay, tensions at Cat Hospital reached an all-time high and it looks like the fur is about to fly. Pill-popping adulterer Nurse Cathy has blackmail on her mind, while Nurse Mittens harbors deep secrets of her own. Meanwhile, finicky Timothy isn’t ready to commit just yet, and the antics of Dr. Scratch Adams are weighing the rest of the staff down. Will Kitty Protective Services be called over some unexplained scratches? And just who is this catatonic patient, the mysterious Mr. Whiskerstein?

Cat Hospital is the brainchild of Mark Douglas, part of the team at Barely Productions. (They’re a company known for their song parodies, but they’re no stranger to cat videos. Way back in 2009 they released one called “Heavy Metal Cats”.) Cat Hospital was made through Field Day, a collaboration between Youtube and the ad agency 1st Avenue Productions, who provide filmmakers with financial and technical support. According to their own description: “Field Day is a place to meet and see YouTube’s most inspired filmmakers, dynamic entertainers, and exciting personalities. Each week, one of these incredible creators tries something new and creates their own unique, imaginative, dream video.”

The Field Day videos are designed pretty specifically to go viral. Other titles in the series include “Dancers Prank New York,” “Slow Motion Zombie Apocalypse,” and “Game of Thrones vs. Lord of the Rings.” Unfortunately, Cat Hospital is most likely a one-shot deal, which is too bad because now we’ll never know what happens next to that minx Nurse Mittens and the rest of the hospital staff. Don’t worry, though; if this won’t fulfill your fix of feline drama, you could always join the cat circus.

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