VIDEO: Donald Trump Is One Ugly Drag Queen

VIDEO: Donald Trump Is One Ugly Drag Queen

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Is there anything that could make Donald Trump look better? No, not even being dressed up in drag. A number of people have taken to Photoshop to turn Trump into a drag queen.

Recently, to everyone’s surprise, Trump is not arguing same sex marriage on his platform; saying that it is a dead issue. Trump also publicly spoke out against the firing of people based on their sexual orientation and he admitted that he attended a same sex wedding for Broadway theatre owner Jordan Roth.

Don’t get us wrong, Trump is still an asshole—and you can put him in yours too —but his admittance of same-sex marriage and how wrong it is to fire someone based on their sexual orientation is the one thing that has spewed from his mouth that hasn’t been hot garbage.

(featured image via Saint Hoax)

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