VIDEO: Drunk Swimming Should (Not) Be An Olympic Event

VIDEO: Drunk Swimming Should (Not) Be An Olympic Event

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Estonia is a small Northern European country best known best for inventing Skype, winning the 2001 Eurovision Song Contest, high-quality vodka, and (according to residents) its high number of drunken swimming deaths every year. So naturally, an Estonian comedy program decided to stage a drunk swimming competition, and it’s as funny as it is lethal.

The annual comedy program called Tujurikkuja shows the swimmers downing vodka, eating pickles, and then apparently dying in a number of surprising ways. It’s pretty hilarious, but seriously… skip the binge drinking next time you take a dip, eh? Booze and sports make a horrible cocktail. Same with drinking and driving. In fact, if you’re consuming liquor at all, just chill — okay?

Oh, and if you’re too busy to watch the five-minute video above, enjoy the one-minute animated GIF below: