New Conan the Barbarian Video Game Lets You Adjust Your Penis Size (NSFW)

New Conan the Barbarian Video Game Lets You Adjust Your Penis Size (NSFW)

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A new video games features an endowment slider, helping gamers get the perfectly sized penis they want.

PC Gamer reports:

We got an early look today at Conan Exiles, Funcom’s open world survival game, soon to arrive in Early Access. And with Conan comes a delivery of fresh meat. In the character creation menu, players can choose the level of nudity they want: none, partial—downstairs is covered but tops are topless—or full. You’re also treated to an ‘endowment’ slider.

For players who choose a female body, the endowment slider predictably adjusts breast size. For the male body, it adjusts dong size. If you’ve opted for the Full Monty, sliding it back and forth quickly is more than a bit mesmerizing, and I find it nearly impossible to do so without hearing a slide-whistle in my head.

But is this a first for the video gaming industry?

Mashable explains:

There’s never been anything quite like this “endowment slider” in other games. The closest the industry has come was with Saint’s Row: The Third’s clothing-covered “sex appeal” slider. Rust treated the player’s package as a randomly generated asset and other games — such as Soulcalibur V — have given players the tools to cheat their way to testicular greatness, but nothing so overt as this.

We love this! But is bigger better? With all that flopping around, wouldn’t it be hard to fight?

See for yourself in these very NSFW video clips:

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