VIDEO: Hunky Swolemates’ Flash Mob Proposal Is Also an Ad for a Wedding Planner

VIDEO: Hunky Swolemates’ Flash Mob Proposal Is Also an Ad for a Wedding Planner

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The flash mob proposal of Nico Martina to Mikey Sinclair in a Sydney, Australia gym has made it on gay blogs recently because it has all the things gays like: tattooed musclemen, group choreography and Beyoncé. But their feel good proposal is also hosted on the YouTube account of Kate Elizabeth – Proposal Planning & Special Occassions (is hat how Australians spell “occasions”?) a wedding planner whose website welcomes same-sex couples, and the video description mentions Same Love Photography, an LGBTQ-friendly wedding photographer, as well as Nader Jewelers who got a raw deal because you can’t even see their teensy-tiny ring in the video.

So in short, it’s an engagement video, but it’s also an advertisement — which should surprise no one as businesses have been using flash mobs for years to create viral ads for their wares (though at just above 54,000 views, this ad hasn’t really gone viral yet). But the video should remind folks that Australia doesn’t have legalized same-sex marriage yet. Meanwhile in America, same-sex married viewers should remember to enjoy their marriages before President Trump and his anti-LGBTQ cronies try to legalize discrimination against same-sex couples nationwide. Awwwwww… ROMANCE!!!

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