VIDEO: Israeli Drag Queens Make The Best Worst In-Flight Safety Video Ever

VIDEO: Israeli Drag Queens Make The Best Worst In-Flight Safety Video Ever

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For her final project, visual communications student Elia Chechick from Jerusalem’s Bezalel arts school made a flight safety video featuring three drag flight attendants and queer passengers performing to the tune of Scissor Sisters’ “Let’s Have A Kiki.” Thank goodness that Priscilla airlines is not real, because if this video contains almost no actual in-flight safety instructions — in the event of a crash, all y’all gonna be on your own!

The drag queens take away hookahs and discourage taking selfies before unhelpfully demonstrating how not to use an oxygen mask and where you can safely depart the plane in case of a water landing (the inflatable slides are in the shape of purple high-heeled shoes).

Chechick’s final project was to brand an airlines. Chechick chose the name Priscilla after the classic 1994 road movie The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. She also created an application for ordering tickets, designed boarding passes and fliers and also found a local airlines who agree to use their plane in her video.

As for the fierce flight attendants, “They are all friends who volunteered to participate,” Checkick said. “The main actors are: Didi Hart, who is an old and extremely talented friend; Sapir Tidhar Lahav – who is well known in the lesbian community; and Lady G – Guy Solomon.” You can see them in action below.

The video also kinda reminds us of Pedro Almodovar’s 2013 film I’m So Excited which featured lip-synching flight attendants who also spent time drugging and having sex with passengers. What’s the name of that airline? We want tickets.

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