Here Are the Most Memorable Fashion Moments From the 2017 VMAs
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Here Are the Most Memorable Fashion Moments From the 2017 VMAs

Written by Charles Thompson-Wang on September 11, 2018
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This year’s MTV Video Music Awards may have lacked real controversy, but it was a night of more than a few poignant moments. Transgender military members walked the red carpet alongside the president of GLAAD — a strong statement against Trump’s latest anti-transgender military policy. One of our all-time favorite allies, Pink, gave a passionate anti-bullying speech to her adorable daughter that moved us to tears. Susan Bro, accompanied by Rev. Robert Wright Lee IV — a direct descendant of Confederate General Robert E. Lee — delivered a powerful message and condemned white supremacists and their hateful cause.

vma fashion transgender military red carpet

The VMAs have long been about the freedom to express yourself, so there are no rules when it comes to dressing for the red carpet. Like the show itself, this year’s VMAs fashion was tame; perhaps a sobering reflection of the current political climate. This year there were no outrageous fashion choices like Lady Gaga’s infamous meat dress or Miley Cyrus‘ nearly nude silver top.

Instead, artists and celebrities all dressed appropriately for this year’s event. But even though stars toned down their fashion this year, some still had fun and dared to be different.

Here are our picks for the most memorable 2017 VMAs fashion moments:

1. Jared Leto

vma fashion jared leto

Love him or hate him, only Jared Leto can effortlessly pull off a Gucci sequined cape like this. Sporting a full beard, Leto always likes to push the fashion envelope with unorthodox choices.


2. Bretman Rock


Bravo for Bretman Rock. An Instagram makeup artist with over 8 million followers, he fearlessly turned up in this rock star outfit. He also beautifully slayed the red carpet with his impeccable makeup.


3. Machine Gun Kelly

vma fashion young gun kelly

This handsome young rapper from Cleveland, Ohio, cleaned up nicely for this year’s VMAs. Gone is his streetwear gear. Instead he looked modern and dapper in a Thom Browne hipster suit. We’re also crazy over his black loafers with white soles, a definite standout.


4. Gigi Gorgeous

vma fashion gigi gorgeous

Flawless makeup, a body-hugging gown, meticulous hairdo. Gigi is just gorgeous.



vma fashion dnce

Joe Jonas may be the group’s frontman, but we can’t take our eyes off Cole Whittle, the band’s bassist/guitarist/keyboardist. His on-point mohawk and fab tats personify a rock star image, and his fashion choices solidify his edgy look. Overall, DNCE gives life to fashion — but we think Whittle’s the true star of the band. Sorry, Joe.


6. Jeremy Scott

vma fashion jeremy scott

Jeremy Scott, “the people’s designer,” gave us golden cowboy realness. We’re also gagging over his bright, shiny cowboy boots. They may be made for walking, but they’re also a strong fashion statement.


7. Taboo

vma fashion taboo

Taboo, the fourth member of the Black Eyed Peas, offered up the best politically charged outfit of the night. Draped in Native American accessories over a modern jacket with jodhpurs, Taboo looked elegant for the evening and conveyed the importance of fighting against racial injustice.


8. Kendrick Lamar

vma fashion kendrick lamar

Kendrick Lamar, the big winner of this year’s VMAs, took home six Moon Person trophies, including Video of the Year. Lamar is also one the best-dressed men of the show. Sporting Prada’s latest collection, this elevated streetwear look makes him look quite sophisticated.


9. Pink

vma fashion pink

Finally, we think the night’s most memorable fashion moment belongs to Pink and her adorable family. This year’s recipient of the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award, Pink dressed in a menswear-inspired pinstripe suit with strength and confidence. Corey Hart, Pink’s longtime husband, looks equally handsome on the red carpet. And as great as they both look, Pink’s daughter Willow stole our hearts with her cute black suit as well. Read Pink’s moving speech from last night here.



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