VIDEO: Nickelback’s Bad Music Saves You From Texting Exes!

VIDEO: Nickelback’s Bad Music Saves You From Texting Exes!

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Everyone’s had that one ex — the one who’s bad for you, but you just can’t get over. You Facebook-stalk him, even though you know you shouldn’t. You bring him up in your phone contacts, contemplating making that one call that’ll bring him back. You know you shouldn’t — he’ll just make you miserable… but you’re already miserable, so what’s the point?

To help you stay strong, comedians Arielle Siegel and Molly Anne Coogan came up with the perfect solution: “Nickelblock.”

Just download Nickelblock, and whenever you try to go on your ex’s Facebook page, it plays Nickelback’s “Photograph”. Yes — this torture might sound inhuman, but that’s the point. No one can withstand Nickelback… and no one ever should. Use Nickelback’s terrible, samey music for good rather than for evil.

Sadly, Nickelblock doesn’t exist yet in the real world — probably something to do with royalties — but some enterprising coder has to make it real. There’s a real need!

What bands do you think could also be useful for this kind of app? Let us know in the comments!

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