VIDEO: Pandora Boxx Has Sexy Unicorns For You To Ride

VIDEO: Pandora Boxx Has Sexy Unicorns For You To Ride

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As you know, we post any news about unicorns (or Jew-nicorns). So we had to post the latest video from RuPaul’s Drag Race alumnus Pandora Boxx — it’s called “Unicorn Party” and it’s got enough sparkles and sexy, shirtless unicorns in latex pants to make all your unicorn cream dreams come true.

The song has a kinda funky B-52’s vibe to it, and though it’s hardly a chart-topping hit, it shows what we love about about Pandora Boxx — always willing to go silly and over-the-top just to make her fans smile. Plus, we wouldn’t mind taking her unicorns for a gallop through Candyland either, eh?

Featured image via Exterface

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